MAGIC Bodyfashion

MAGIC Bodyfashion was one of the first companies to introduce Shapewear and problem solving bras and accessories. In the late eighties the idea was born from the “volume shoulder pad” trend in fashion which resulted in the first step of creating a bodyshaping product line.
Due to this heritage, MAGIC owns the expertise of creating a product range with a great fit and that is all about comfort. Not only are MAGIC products functional, they also have an attractive and trend lead look including a luxury line in Shapewear.
A totally new target group has been born as nowadays the fashionable woman is also interested in Shapewear. No matter what size or age she is, she expects a high level of comfort and wants to look great in her clothes. MAGIC offers a full wardrobe of Shapewear and each product has its specific function abricated from high quality materials using the latest innovations. This also applies to all the Bras and Accessories. MAGIC is unique in offering a total problem solving program for Bodyfashion!

MAGIC Collections

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